While we've been placing the focus squarely on this year's Sundance—what people are saying is one of the best in years, crowds-, weather-, and movie-quality-wise—some attention should be paid to attitude-y next door neighbor, Slamdance.

Admittedly, it took a light scolding from a Slamdance rep, who told us, "I thought you guys were champions of the underdog. So how come you're not showing Slamdance any love? By your lack of coverage, are you suggesting truly independent movies aren't worthy? We have celebrities too, you know. The Karate Kid and Denise Richards were both in the building!"

Fair enough. And it's not like we hadn't taken notice of posters around town touting Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Undead—the most erudite and Stoppardesque of the handful of zombie movies to invade Park City every season. (At least that's how we picture it.) It stars none other than beloved Karate Kid and The Outsiders actor Ralph Macchio—who, as you can well see from this high-res photo, could quite possibly be devouring festivalgoer brains in order to retain his impossibly boyish good looks. (He's—wow!—47.)

As for his take on the Jaden Smith/Jackie Chan-starring Karate Kid remake, he "broke his silence" to MTV Movies Blog, telling them, "'Listen, here's my take on it. I think Jaden - you know, Will Smith's kid - the kid's got chops. He's young; he's like eleven…That story will work forever.'"

Yeah—but how's he going to look at 47? Exactly.