Sundance '09 has provided a voice to the indie-festival disenfranchised—from the ghetto-credulous Push to gay-prison-fantasia I Love You Phillip Morris—but the fest's bread-and-butter (straight-white-guy-social-misfits and the women who love them) were also well represented.

We caught two movies that fit that logline comfortably:

The first was Adam, Max Mayer's romance about the cute guy-with-Asperger's next door, with Damages star Rose Byrne, and Savage Grace's Hugh Dancy. Variety reports that Fox Searchlight acquired the rights shortly after it premiered. "Common quote from execs on Monday night party circuit: They're buying that movie?" writes MCN. Seriously though—really?

The second was Arlen Faber, with Jeff Daniels coping as a cantankerous self-help guru 20 years after his breakthrough book, God and Me, took the world by storm. Lauren Graham plays the chiropractor who moves in down the street and realigns him off his feet.

Here's five reasons we weren't surprised to catch them at Sundance:

1. Both Feature A Brilliant but Socially Inept Male Lead

2. Both Feature A Hot New Chick in the Area in Need of a Boyfriend and Who Seemingly Loves a Challenge

3. Both Feature A Dead Father We Never See, Whose Belongings Haunt Our Lead's Home (and Ability to Move On)

4. Both Feature Random Celebrity Cameos (Adam: The O.C.'s Peter Gallagher, Perfect Strangers's Mark Linn-Baker, Arlen: Nora Dunn, Arrested Development's Tony Hale.)

5. Both Feature Cut-Rate Literary Allusions (Adam: The Little Prince, Arlen: No Exit)