Just like that Patrón shot you probably shouldn't drink at the end of the night, the networks bring you extended primetime inauguration coverage. We warn you: There is such a thing as a hope hangover.


The Obama honeymoon night continues with a barrage of coverage from every major network except Fox:

The Neighborhood Ball: An Inauguration Celebration [8 PM, ABC] - President Obama hosts the first ever "open to the public" inaugural celebration. Performances by Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Faith Hill, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Shakira and Stevie Wonder.
Yes We Will! [8 PM, BET] - Nick Cannon hosts BET's coverage of inaugural parties around the country.
Change and Challenge: The Inauguration of Barack Obama [9 PM, CBS] - Katie Couric anchors this special about Obama's path to the White House.
The Inauguration of Barack Obama [10 PM, NBC] - Brian Williams tours the galas and recounts the day's events.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart [11 PM, Comedy Central] - The NBC coverage of the parade had some pretty funny moments - especially Brian Williams mentioning that Obama was probably "jonesing for a piece of Nicorette" - but this is what we have looked forward to all day.


Death to Smoochy [8 PM, Cinemax] - This probably won't make any of the cast's In Memoriam death montage at the Oscars, but it's one of our favorite films. The corrupt host of a children's television program (Robin Williams) seeks revenge against his replacement (Edward Norton). Catherine Keener, Danny DeVito (he directed it) and Jon Stewart play crazy supporting characters. This film is the answer to the Zen kōan: Name an instance when Robin Williams' shtick did not seem out of place or unnecessarily racist/racy.

American Idol [8 PM, Fox] - The auditions continue tonight from San Francisco, as Fox throws a Simon Cowell-shaped middle finger in the air at the other networks basking in the ratings glow of the Obama inauguration.


The Biggest Loser: Couples [8 PM, NBC] - We opted out of this edition of Biggest Loser when 63-year old Jerry (giving you a free ticket to the antique gun show on the left) was kicked off. Jerry collapsed within five minutes of being on the show and needed serious medical care, the kind that only NBC Universal-Sheinhardt Wig Co. can provide to its reality show contestants. This week, contestants have a chance to gain immunity by winning a jump-rope challenge. The only really sympathetic contestant left is the over-400 lb. teenager, but he'll probably go soon, too, as he was on the chopping block last week. It's just sad, really.