President Barack Obama made a phone call in the president's official office, before leaving to spend the rest of the day doing more "traditional" time-wasting nonsense.

Poor Jeff Zeleny has been "liveblogging" Barack Obama's first full day as president. This is a punishment, because thus far he has spent the entire day at a "prayer breakfast," because of George Washington.

Here is new press secretary Robert Gibbs explaining the schedule:

At 8:35 AM, the President arrived in the Oval Office and spent 10 minutes alone in the office. He read the note left to him by President Bush that was in an envelope marked “To: #44, From: #43”. At 8:45 AM, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel came in to discuss the schedule of today's events. The First Lady came into the Oval Office at 9:10 AM. We will release a picture shortly.

But during the 45 minutes he spent in the Oval Office, Time got a picture! (Which is nearly identical to the White House handout, which you can see above.) Here's Obama not doing much, really, before he went to the 8-hour prayerfest, after spending his first half-day as president going to various crappy parties dancing with his pretty wife, because we demand our presidents have 10 wedding receptions on TV once we inaugurate them.