The World Financial Center—home of Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal—just received a "suspicious package"! No one is allowed to open any mail! Breaking!

Update: The 11th floor—home to the opinion desk we think?—was just evacuated! SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE SURE PAUL GIGOT IS SAFE! Thank god Peggy Noonan is probably still in DC maybe! And so was the ninth floor newsroom. Yet another source there says one person is in quarantine. If you have additional info, please email us.

Here's the WSJ's own report, in which it says "more than a dozen envelopes containing an unknown white powder" arrived today.

Here's the email telling people not to open any mail:

From: Hoffman, Howard
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 11:46 AM
To: Hoffman, Howard
Subject: Don 't open mail while suspicious package is investigated

We received a suspicious package at World Financial Center. While we
don't think there is cause for alarm at this time, we are asking
everyone not to open any mail while we investigate. Please notify
Security at x2340 if you think any envelope or package you received
seems suspicious.

Further update: we're told everyone at the paper has been evacuated some people went home, and they'll be working from home. According to the NYPD the Journal received 13 envelopes of suspicious powder addressed to various executives (who they won't name). That's a lot of stamps for your terror!