We watched Obama coverage last night and the scariest thing was the redundancy. Ten balls is a lot of time to fill, but could the networks find some new fun presidential facts for 2013? Pleasey-please?


Lie to Me [9 PM, Fox] - This decently-reviewed series (and Mentalist rival) debuts tonight, as Fox allows it to draft just behind the American Idol's ratings bumper (trumpet fanfare: our first NASCAR analogy!). Tim Roth plays Dr. Cal Lightman, a dude who can look at a person's face and body language and tell if s/he is lying, a skill he uses to crack cases for law enforcement agencies and whoever else needs the help. The bonus for audience members is that they will be taught how to detect liars, learning "tells" like a furrowed brow, the speed of an answer or a cold hand (or the name Spencer). Just a random thought: Aspiring long-take filmmakers will not learn much from this show.

Katie Morgan's Sex Tips 2: Any More Questions? [11 PM, HBO] - The adult star is back with her vulva puppet, taking questions from viewers and crew members. The talk won't be the only stimulating aspect of the show, as Katie answers all the questions in the nude and frequently demonstrates sex toys on herself. We're hoping for some behind-the-scenes gossip from Whore of the Rings 2.


Lost [9 PM, ABC] - This is important television, and unlike the filmic works of Lars von Trier, it's possible and necessary to watch these episodes more than once. Jack and Ben attempt to reunite the Ocean 6 passengers to go back to the island (with Locke's body) to save anyone still alive. Then they come under attack by unknown forces. If you need a recap of the first four seasons, check out Lost: Destiny Calls on at 8 PM. If you have never seen Lost before, wow, um, we don't really know what to say.

The Net [10:15 PM, HBO] - Sandra Bullock stars as a homebody computer expert (is there any other kind?) who stumbles across a top-secret program designed to destroy information networks. Dennis Miller co-stars and delivers his best big screen acting performance by far (apologies, Joe Dirt).


Man v. Food [11 PM, Travel] - This new series has been around for over a month, and while it is blessed with a grabber of a title, the execution is mediocre. Host Adam Richman, a small-time actor and big-time foodie, travels to a different city each week to explore notorious American foods—usually greasy, blue collar, and of significant quantities—and then takes on that city's toughest food challenge. In other words, this is Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives or Rick Sebak's Sandwiches You Will Like but with a challenge appended. All of these restaurants have been profiled and B-rolled to hell already, and having one more person talk about how awesome Pittsburgh's Primanti Bros. signature sandwich is does not add to our understanding of the role food plays in our lives (though it does make us long for a sandwich). This week, Richman returns to his hometown of New York to try the phall curry challenge at Brick Lane Curry House. If he finishes the "excruciatingly hot" dish, he will earn semi-eternal fame on the restaurant's "P'hall of Fame." Whether or not he accomplishes the challenge is academic—we just want to see some new restaurants that we'll never visit.