Look what you've done to this poor little robot, Academy! Of course, it's nothing compared to the massive burns incurred by Revolutionary Road and a certain well-armored vigilante. Here are today's huge snubs:

No Dark Knight love: Aside from Heath Ledger's inevitable nomination, The Dark Knight got thrashed around like a minor-league henchman pointlessly revealed to be Cillian Murphy. Despite its guild noms, Knight got shut out in Screenplay, Director, and Best Picture.

Kate & Leo sunk: The biggest doozy of the morning was that enough Oscar voters ignored Winslet's wishes and nominated her The Reader performance in lead instead of supporting. No doubt, things were made easier by the Academy's aborted infatuation with Revolutionary Road, which saw only Michael Shannon receive a supporting actor nomination (its other two came in costumes and art direction).

Dev Patel who?: Shannon's surge took out the category's most vulnerable player, Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel. Might Patel have pulled a Winslet—that is, he was getting votes in the much tougher lead category for a performance his studio was fruitlessly pushing for supporting?

Clint Eastwood will have to console himself with his other Oscars: Gran Torino was supposedly playing like gangbusters with the Academy's older crowd, confirming talk that Eastwood was a Best Actor frontrunner. Sadly, the Academy had to ruin things by stepping out of the Kodak Theatre, leveling a shotgun at the soon-to-retire actor, and growling, "Get off my red carpet" (we suppose the tenuous truce and racial lessons will be delayed until, like, March).

Miley and The Boss Shut Out: Only three tunes got nommed for Best Song: two from Slumdog Millionaire, and Peter Gabriel's "Down to Earth" from Wall-E. Bruce Springsteen's song from The Wrestler didn't make the grade, and the near-miss from Miley Cyrus's touted Bolt tune ensures that Cyrus won't be donning an Oscar frock she can then bite off.

Wall-E ignored in Best Picture: Sorry, little guy. Next time, kill off some people from the Holocaust and hump a teenager.