We now know who'll be nervously muttering, "C'mon man—get on with it," during Hugh Jackman's half-dozen Oscar numbers. But how much do you really know about the nominees? Take this quiz and see:

1. What is Best Documentary Short Subject nominee Pinki about?
A. A world champion dog groomer.
B. An Indian girl with a cleft palate.
C. A family's struggle with a child born with severe autism.
D. A witness to Martin Luther King's murder.

2. "The Newest Coach In The NBA Has Got The Knicks Right Where She Wants Them." What is that?
A. January Girl: One of three projects Angelina Jolie has in development.
B. It's on the poster for Best Original Screenplay nominee Courtney Hunt's (Frozen River) next project.
C. The tagline for Eddie, where Frank Langella and Whoopi Goldberg met and started their affair.
D. Ad campaign for Fox mid-season replacement Getting Air, which stars Elissa Knight (the voice of Wall-E's Eve).

3. Which of the following lines of dialogue were not spoken by Josh Brolin to Jeffrey Wright in the back seat of a squad car:
A. "You can't say anything, man. I'm the only who can motherfucking say anything."
B. "They maced me, man. They maced the shit out of me."
C. "My wife's gonna be so happy."
D. "Eight time's a charm. [Laughs]"

4. What does Kym munch on when she returns from the rehearsal dinner in Rachel Getting Married. What's notable about it?
A. A bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch—which was her brother's favorite cereal, making her dad really sad.
B. A piece of chicken, which becomes the source of a huge fight between she and Rachel, because Kym just told the rehearsal dinner that she had "was dabbling in veganism," among other rambling, self-absorbed thoughts.
C. A slice of watermelon with a magically disappearing and reappearing bite taken out of it.
D. A slice of her sister's wedding cake.

5. Name two of Heath Ledger's stated influences—a movie and a real person—in creating The Joker:
A. A Clockwork Orange and Sid Vicious
B. My Left Foot and Iggy Pop
C. The Silence of the Lambs and Dick Cheney
D. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Pee-wee Herman

6. Gus Van Sant has released two albums. Which of the following is a real title of one of them?
A. "Blueberry Jam"
B. "Confederate Drinking Songs"
C. "18 Songs About Golf"
D. "Slides and Grinds"

7. This is makeup effects artist Greg Cannom's ninth Oscar nomination, and would be his fourth win if he takes the prize for Benjamin Button. In 1993, he competed against himself, and won for Dracula. What was the other nominated film?
A. Wayne's World
B. Hocus Pocus
C. Malcolm X
D. Hoffa

8. List the Best Picture nominees from lowest to highest budget.
$15 million —
$20 million —
$25 million —
$32 million —
$150 million —

9. What is Japan's Best Foreign Film submission, Departures, about?
A. It's the story of a "nokanshi," or a japanese mortician.
B. It's the true story of a middle-aged Japanese business man who quits his job to become one of the most powerful pimps in Tokyo.
C. It's about a stewardess, and the abusive relationship she can't escape despite spending her life on jet planes.
D. It revolves around the lives of several children living in a Nagasaki orphanage.

10. What did Marisa Tomei play on an episode of The Simpsons?
A. Movie star Sara Sloane, who falls in love with Ned Flanders.
B. A ballet teacher who teaches Bart how to plie.
C. Apu's fiancee Manjula.
D. Erin, a new friend of Lisa's at school.
E. None of the above.

Scroll down for answers:

1. B, 2. C, 3. D, 4. C, 5. A, 6. C, 7. D, 8. Slumdog, Milk, Frost/Nixon, The Reader, Button, 9. A, 10. A