Billy Bob Thornton Has Strange New Plan To Combat His Death Curse

Though we've pointed out how many of Billy Bob Thornton's costars suffer untimely fates, we had no idea the star was taking extreme, air-shunning steps to curtail the curse.

As he told MTV in Park City, Thornton has now added "agoraphobia" to his laundry list of maladies that includes manorexia, a resistance to orange-colored foods, and a terrible aversion to monogamy. We can understand how a resume that has recently included Eagle Eye, Mr. Woodcock, and The Informers could drive a person to stay indoors, but we're choosing to believe that Thornton is simply performing a public service to his fellow actors. Sure, it might be strange to costar with him on the upcoming Bad Santa 2: Santa Is Delivering All His Lines From Behind A Heavy Door, but the health benefits are unquantifiable.