Hero co-pilot of the Hudson Jeff Skiles, who was right there in the cockpit when Primary Hero Chesley Sullenberger landed that plane in the river, is finally breaking his silence! He's in the tank.

Skiles, who is not chopped liver, ya know, becomes the first crew member to speak to the press, since Sully himself ditched his TV appearances, out of modesty (we choose to believe). All it took was a New York Post reporter knocking on his door, in Wisconsin. Anyhow Skiles reveals that Obama was nice when everyone took pictures at the inaugural ball. But he would say that, wouldn't he?

"He was pretty much directing the whole thing," said Skiles. "He would be like, 'Michelle goes here, I go there. And now, one just with the families.' "

"He was a very, very nice guy," said Skiles, whose wife, Barbara, campaigned for Obama in their neighborhood, a suburb of Madison, Wis.

What's the connection between supporting Obama and crashing planes? Rest assured that the Post will find out. [NYP]