A parents' watchdog group is mad at Britney Spears. They find her new single's title too provocative and want it banned from radio play. But, really, what's so bad about "If U Seek Amy"?

Is Amy some sort of loose woman that all the kids know about? Is she a drugger or a drinker? Am I that out of touch that I wouldn't get some reference that members of a freaking parents council understand? Maybe it's about Amy Winehouse? But why would that anger the parents so? Whatever's so awful about the song, they've cut a radio edit. But I guess it's still offensive. A rep from the Won't Someone Please Think of the Children Association of America says:

It's one thing for a song with these lyrics to be included on a CD so that fans who wish to hear it can do so, but it's an entirely different matter when this song is played over the publicly owned airwaves.

But, I just don't get it! If... You... Seek... Amy... what on Earth is so upsetting about that?? I gave it a few listens and couldn't find anything terribly objectionable. But I must say. It's really not one of songwriter Mike Hunt's best works. [NYT]