Lower your pitchforks! Even as yet another Arrested Development actor comes aboard the movie (more on that later), Ron Howard is defending Michael Cera's right to maybe shred the film's script, if he wants to.

We've got video above where Howard tells the hosts of Morning Joe that the film isn't quite greenlit yet and will need a completed script first— a comment which reminded us that creator Mitchell Hurwitz said he can't write the script until he knows which actors are on board. If only there were some sort of shared (three-season-long) history between Hurwitz and Cera to instill faith in the erstwhile George Michael.

In other news, it's been pointed out that we missed this little tidbit from TCA, which necessitates a Film Tracker update:

Count Portia de Rossi in for an Arrested Development movie: Despite calling her new character in ABC's Better Off Ted her all-time favorite, she'd be up for reprising Lindsay Bluth on the big screen. "I would love to do a movie for Arrested," she said — before adding to the confusion surrounding the project by saying "the cast are all on board." If that gets off the ground, she'd be a busy lady: She also wants to start a vegan shoe line.

And with that, the Film Tracker is complete: each and every actor, director, and trade paper has weighed in, and Cera is the lone holdout (lacking even a powerful excuse like the demands of a hemp-derived shoe company on his time). Come on!