Russell Brand's unconventional charm has attracted an equally unlikely crew of paramours: Britney Spears, Helen Mirren, and the Jonas Brothers (if they want it). Now, Brand tells GQ just how his seduction technique works.

After analyzing his appeal to Americans ("I think what I inherently possess—verbose, loquacious, obsessed with language...occasionally grandiose but self-effacing, full of self-doubt, egotistical—these things are in alignment with assumptions that they have of English people") and detailing a teenage, prostitute-laden trip to Bangkok with his father that may have begun his lady-killing ways, Brand is asked exactly why so many women want to sleep with him:

“Well, I don’t know—I’m sure there are as many reasons as there are women—but I think if there is a consistency, I think that there’s something that’s very truthful in it. I’m completely honest, I completely love them, and I’m completely in alignment with something that’s truthful. If I was going up to women and going, ‘Oh, all right darling, you’ve got lovely hair, do you want to come back to my place, I’ve got a Jacuzzi’—all of which is true—I don’t think it would work. But honestly, the thirst is so powerful: ‘Oh, my God, you’re so beautiful, how can you not come with me now, it’s going to be brilliant. Why would you not? What are you doing? What’s on the telly? What are you going to do instead?’ I’m not a [real] estate agent with a Porsche key ring on my thumb. The thing I’m offering I can deliver.”

Hmm, and here we thought it was the hair all this time. Perhaps it's time to fish that comb out of the trash can. [GQ]

[Photo Credit: Martin Schoeller/GQ]