Did Bernie Madoff fuck around and rip off often-shot rapper 50 Cent for millions? Yes, if you believe an anonymous snitch who talked to a website that 50 Cent hates!

According to a MediaTakeOut.com snitch claiming to be in the know, 50 put a hefty 7 figure amount in a hedge fund. And the fund, in turn invested some of the money it raised into one of Madoff's funds.

But things could have been worse for the popular rapper. The snitch explained to MediaTakeOut.com, "Luckily [the fund] disn't invest all its money with Madoff, or 50 would be in even worse shape."

Fairly impossible to tell whether this vaguely-sourced, grammatically awkward anonymous snippet is really true. But maybe it will at least spark a feud! Remember, when asked about his online habits, 50 said: "You better look at Perez Hilton, ThisisFifty.com, Concrete Loop, Gawker — you can skip Media Takeout. Because they are 50 Cent haters."

So there you have it—snitches telling haters that 50 lost a trifling sum with Madoff. RESEARCH: he also told Choire Sicha in that interview:

Q: Did you get hurt in the last couple weeks [with the stock-market dive]?

A: Nah. No. Well yeah, a little bit. Everybody took a little bit.

50, email us with the truth, thanks. I know you're reading.