Tra la, our superstar economist friend Nouriel Roubini is back in the news! Roubini, a.k.a Dr. Doom, is still upset with us for the whole "Vagina Loft Party Facebook" thing. But we like him regardless!

The Guardian profiled Roubini this weekend, and his insights into the bleak prospects for the global economy in 2009 and beyond are well worth reading. Of course, since British journalists are all cold-blooded character assassins, they ask him about his funktastic loft parties (of which we approve!), which have dogged his reputation, and his subsequent mindless Facebook rant at our boss:

I ask Roubini if he regretted that course of action, and he gives me a look of such angry disappointment that I want to hide under my chair.

No, he says, he didn't regret it. He then reprises the rant, embellishing it with references to the KGB, Denton's sexual orientation and a sweary suggestion of what the man might do with himself, which he belatedly asks me not to quote. For the sake of the record, I feel obliged to clarify that the piece of art in question is described by Roubini as the work of a highly regarded feminist artist whom he won't name and which doesn't, he assures me, look anything like a vulva.

Just because Nick Denton is a KGB-controlled Jewish "Anti-Semite with a Nazi Mind and a McCarthist Bigot" doesn't mean you can shame him for it, Nouriel. One day I know that you two will be good friends! See you at the next roof party. [Guardian UK]