The organizers of last November's Summit Series, a Mexican junket for 60 Internet entrepreneurs ages 35 or younger, are trying again. The last event was free. Now they want $3,000. Here's the invite (don't tell!):

The first message from organizer Elliott Bisnow, a self-aggrandizing publisher of email newsletters who compares himself to Rupert Murdoch:


From: "Elliott Bisnow"
Subject: Aspen 2009


You knew the announcement was coming...It's time for Summit III.

We're taking over the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen from Thursday, April 2nd to Sunday April 5th and we'll have 125 of the most influential people in America under 35 years old.

GQ will be co-hosting the event.

Here's a link to the official invitation:

At the end of the invitation, you need to enter the following code to purchase a ticket and attend the event:


If you are receiving this email, your name is in the system and you will be allowed to book a ticket.

We are not releasing a list of people who are booking or have booked do to the high profile of attendees on the trip.

There are 3 rules for Aspen 09

1. Don't tell anyone about Aspen 09
2. There are no comped tickets
3. Don't tell anyone about Aspen 09

We would like everyone to book their ticket by next Thursday, January 22nd at 5pm EST (That is the date we need to finalize hotel rooms we are booking).

On January 22nd, the rooms will go up 20% and until that date I will be emailing you every day to book.

A couple of trip details:
We are staying at the top ski hotel in North America (St. Regis Aspen)
Co-hosting the event with GQ, Calvin Klein, Marquis Jet and others
I would advise people to go with the Mogul Single Room or Robber Baron Double Room.

Hopefully most of you can book tickets this weekend

Feel free to email me with any questions. See ya in Aspen!


Elliott Bisnow

Co-Founder &
Co-Chief Operating Officer
Bisnow Media Corp

The Summit Series

Bisnow quickly sent another email explaining why he was charging $3,000 for an event that was formerly free:

From: Elliott Bisnow
Subject: Quick follow up

From: The Summit Team

To: People who came on our last trip (free), we want them to come on this next trip (not free), and they haven't booked a ticket yet because they probably can't believe we are making them pay!

Our goal is to create the world's coolest retreat for people under 35 years old. Imagine if in 18 months there is an event where every cool young person (company founders, entertainers, philanthropists, athletes, etc) in the world attends. This is what we want to create.

When we did our first trip one year ago, it was because I wanted to meet other (really young) like minded company founders. When we did our trip to Mexico, it was because we wanted to meet even more amazing people. We were able to make both trips free because sponsors could cover the costs of 65 people.

As we grow the trip (125 people on this trip) bring on a Summit staff/team (9 people on board) make it even more fun (staying at the St. Regis in Aspen) and try to raise even more money (we're supporting a handful of philanthropic causes) sponsors can no longer cover the costs.

Our hope is that the value we can offer you from attending (new friends, business deals and an amazing 4 days) is worth the roughly $3,000 price tag to attend (ticket cost + airfare).

If you're getting this email, it's because you came on the last trip and haven't yet booked a ticket to this trip. If you want to come on this trip, you should book your ticket today or tomorrow, as rooms are running out and ticket prices will rise at 5pm tomorrow.

I can promise you that this will be the best $3,000 you ever spend. Most people think I'm crazy before I do something...All I can say is trust the vision, and always think bigger.

Very excited for you to come to Aspen.

The login to buy a ticket is:

The password is:


Elliott Bisnow

Co-Founder &
Co-Chief Operating Officer
Bisnow Media Corp

The Summit Series