What better time than the worst media battering in generations to launch a new Hollywood quasi-trade publication? That's mostly rhetorical, but if you do have a better answer than "today," don't tell Sharon Waxman.

The former WaPo/NYT reporter — who took a couple years off to dabble in the always-volatile antiquities beat — has finally reemerged with The Wrap, which she'd been teasing for months from her blog HQ at Waxword and finally launched this morning with a wordy introduction to "new Hollywood" and about $500,000 of venture capital at her back. That kind of money won't hurt, just as fun rumors from Sundance ("Screenwriter of festival winner Push, Geoffrey Fletcher, so hated the first cut that he opted for a pseudonym, Damien Paul") and inspired Slumdog slags also offer some rowdy good times on opening day.

Yet other rooms on the grand tour left us a little chilly: "Who E-Mails In Hollywood?," Sharon? Really? ("Scott Rudin, Academy Award-winning American film producer and a Tony Award-winning theatre producer – but he's new to it.") And we foresee the consolidation (read: eviction) of underwhelming media news and personal blogs before long, including this home run from LAT critic emeritus Howard Rosenberg

Samuel J. “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher is a sitcom waiting to happen since being dispatched to Israel by the website pjtv.com for in-depth reporting on Israel vs. Hamas. Here's my vision of how prime time’s “Journalist Joe” might progress.

Israeli military officer briefing Joe: “Our troops are in the Gaza Strip.”

Joe (perplexed): “Gaza Strip? Is that an Arab girlie club?

Laugh track.

That would coincide with prime time’s generally banal view of journalists.

What? As you were, Howard; there's fresh blood coming in from Variety any minute now.