Because the current Brooklyn-set season of MTV's The Real World has been about real issues—What are gay people? Can we poke them with sticks?—and nobody likes real issues, next season will return to drunkenness.

They're sending the next batch of toned and tacky youngsters to Cancún.

Cancún is an ancient village situated on the coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. It's widely known for its rich tequila aquifers, its official sport, Wet T-shirt Contesting, and the haunting ruins that belch, vomit, and moan in the Senor Frog's parking lot.

This will be something of a return for the Real World producers, who sent cameras to the Spring Break mecca to film the searing documentary The Real Cancún in the early aughts. That film is perhaps most famous for the touching moment when the nerdy, very-recently-converted former teetotaler Alan said kindly to his pals "I just want a girl who's right there so I can butt fuck them." Terrific!

This round of kids will work for a tour company, helping other brahs and coeds plan fun vacays during which they boff anonymously and hopefully don't die and stuff. "They're going to help give people a safe and fun vacation," co-creator Jonathan Murray said. "They also might have to bail somebody out of a Mexican jail, stuff like that." Haha, yes! Mexican prison. A lark!

We're a bit surprised that they're reverting to the tired old "drunk n' doin' it formula" so quickly, though. The earnest, decidedly un-boozy Brooklyn season has so far earned higher ratings than the most recent slurry outing that went staggering by. Maybe it's an application of the old movie adage "one for me, one for them." Though in this scenario, we're not sure who "me" is. Or who "them"...uh, are. We can't figure it out. We're too shitfaced. WOOOOOO.