A mutinying group of SAG moderates calling themselves National Board Majority have succeeded in removing Doug Allen as SAG's National Executive Director and chief negotiator, in what will likely be the strike movement's fatal blow.

As outlined in a National Board press release, representatives delivered a “written assent” document this morning to SAG HQ, which authorized Allen's removal— to be replaced by former SAG General Counsel David White and Guild Senior Advisor John T. McGuire as Chief Negotiator of all SAG contracts.

Variety now reports that Allen notified SAG staff today of his departure in an e-mail. This comes two weeks after a similar coup was attempted during a marathon, 30-hour meeting, when the vote was repeatedly blocked by SAG president Alan Rosenberg. Upon learning of Allen's ouster, Rosenberg told Variety today: "This is the darkest day within my memory. It kills democracy at SAG."

Alas, the miraculous oil has finally run dry on the Yeanukkah menorah. And who are these masked freedom fighters of the National Board? Mainly the Unite For Strength gang, as we understand it. We just knew this ruthless stratagem was giving off the faintest whiff of Shaloub.