As we all know, John McCain lost the election because the media was biased against him. So his former staffers got wasted with journalists this weekend because they all missed each other so much!

Now reporting that "DC-area reporters went out to happy hour and then karaoke with some political hacks" is like reporting that "kittens are adorable" or "that video of Verne Troyer making out with a doll will scar you" or "most prominent journalists have numerous undisclosed damning conflicts of interest that they can explain away only by claiming to be so obviously independent-minded as to require no scrutiny whatsover so lay off."

But still. This is the story of your Mark Salter and Tucker Bounds getting wasted and singing Dylan with your Ana Marie Cox and Michael Scherer. And then next campaign season Tucker Bounds and Mark Salter will explain that their candidate is an outsider who enrages the inside-the-beltway media elite with his authenticity, or something, and we'll all go to hell.