In the post-Sex and the City era, male friendships moved into the forefront of American culture. Every guy needs his boys, especially men in black collar jobs who spend most of the day discussing minutiae.


Trust Me [10 PM, TNT] - WTK favorites Monica Potter and Tom Cavanagh (whose hairy back do we have to shave to get Ed released on DVD?) are back on the small screen with Eric McCormack trying to stay friends in the crazy world of advertising. TNT's dramas (Saving Grace, The Closer) aren't as edgy as FX's, but they have their moments. In tonight's debut, Cavanagh and McCormack's boss dies of a heart attack after an awful presentation and creates a succession crisis that could affect the relationship of these friends. So, Mad Men meets Boston Legal minus Shatner/Spader/Kelley? We'll give it a chance.

Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten [9 PM, Sundance] - Julien Temple's great documentary combines archival footage with interviews (Johnny Depp, Bono) and Temple's own relationship with The Clash's lead singer/guitarist to create a compelling portrait of one of modern music's most important forces. If the only thing you remember about Strummer is that he once smacked a fan with a guitar, you might want to tune in for this.


Bromance [9 PM, MTV] - Last week we forgot to TiVo this and then MTV didn't put it online until the end of the week, so it was all we could do to keep ourselves from hearing spoilers on the lips of Hollywood's elite. Actually, no one we know watches or talks about this show and we are getting tired of how much male crying the producers feature, but we've seen it through this far. Tonight, the four remaining bro-finalists (including frightening Femi and Little Chris) are tricked into wearing bedazzled jeans under the guise that they are part of Brody's new clothing line. Later, they try not to bliznow their liznoads while talking to two Playboy Playmates. Not sure where the crying is going to come in this episode, but it will either be about someone's divorced family, their lack of identity or wanting to "be there for Brody."

The Bachelor [8 PM, ABC] - Programming meetings at ABC must have been really short this fall, mostly consisting of someone saying "We could do two hours of Bachelor" and then everyone else assenting quietly and looking down at legal pads with doodles of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck doing some variation on the reverse cowgirl position. The remaining nine bachelorettes sing (Who likes cutaways to sour faces? We don't!) for a one-on-one date with Jason Mesnick. The remaining girls get to act out their secret fantasies when they go behind the scenes of General Hospital. So this is why the Malibu Ralphs never has any bronzer in stock.


Superstars of Dance [9 PM, NBC] - So what have we learned after seven seasons of Dancing with the Stars and Skating with Celebrities that we didn't learn from decades of the world's best dancers performing on various PBS shows? Today's audience would rather watch Warren Sapp and Cloris "Twinkle Toes" Leachman tear up the parquet than witness the actual greats of the dance world do their thing. We would love to play the jingoism card, but in reality this NBC show was just boring. In tonight's episode, the winners are finally awarded their trophies. The long international nightmare is finally over.