· We love Martin Vega, the Chicago caster who makes each and every Oscar by hand. Not even his friends believe him! Well, they'll believe you now, Martin. [AP/Yahoo]

· The Soup might have found a worthy heir to Spaghetti Cat: Stains, the cupcake-coveting, hypnotized dog. (PS. Nice touch with the Tim Burton music. Stains really deserves his own stop-motion animated movie, perhaps surrounded by a gentle cupcake snowfall.)
· Speaking of cupcake snowfalls, Jessica Simpson appears to have spent Christmas eating her way out of an icing avalanche.
· Prepare to get aroused by Shirley Jones.
· Defamer contributor Nick Malis keeps riding the wave of his Cute Things Falling Asleep blog. He was a guest on The Bonnie Hunt Show today, plugging his latest—Cute Things Laughing.
· Videogum reviews the second completely stupid (but not as utterly completely stupid as the pilot) episode of The United States of Tara so you don't have to. She has multiple personalities! She's so wacky, but touching, too.