Ted Haggard became a "complete heterosexual" following a meth-fueled gay-prostitute romp in 2006. But the former Colorado Springs pastor can't quit homosexual scandal, which means HBO's new documentary is suddenly timely.

Haggard, former pastor of New Life Church, thought he had put his un-Jesus-like sex behind him. He was declared totally straight in 2007. And, um, again, for some reason, in 2008.

Then he started slipping, telling AP this year his sexuality had some "gray areas." And now it's emerged New Life Church has been paying college expenses, counseling, etc. since 2007 for a young chuch member who had a relationship with Haggard. The church said told the Times he was over 18 at the time:

[Haggard] said there had been "no physical contact" with the young man, though he said he had asked forgiveness for what he described as an "inappropriate relationship."

Cybersex, then?

The man decided to come forward when he saw an ad for Alexandra Pelosi's new HBO doc "The Trials of Ted Haggard" and decided it looked too pro-Haggard. Pelosi, the daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, doesn't have the scandal in her film, out Thursday. (See preview above.) She's only going to add some text at the end:

"My film is not about whether Ted had one indiscretion or 1,000," the film's director, Alexandra Pelosi, said in an interview. "Clearly he has issues. This film is about what happened to a man and his family after his fall from grace."

Pelosi also made "Journeys with George," a documentary about how George W. Bush was a total cut-up and charming frat boy on the 2000 campaign trail. So this won't be the first time the darker aspects of one her subjects has gone right over her head.