Bush-pardoned rapper John Forte is finally home, and he's already making new music! We are truly happy for him, so we will just make three gentle points about his "video":

1. This is not really a "music video" as much as it is a "dude standing in the studio with a portable video camera just filming John Forte and Talib Kweli while they record the track, and occasionally panning around to show the bearded engineer, too."
2. Reading the lyrics right off your Blackberry while you're rhyming, really? Hip hop changes so fast.
3. Between this and your new column in the Daily Beast and your friendship with Carly Simon, you're well on your way to re-establishing your fame, John, and we would never begrudge you that. But you need to hook back up with the Fugees somehow, or you'll never sell.

We tell you out of love! Welcome back!

"Homecoming" John Forte + Talib Kweli from The ICU on Vimeo.