A year after Fox inflated and mercilessly dashed a few hundred Americans' hopes of a big-screen A-Team adaptation, behold the promise of a new start — with surprisingly, almost bafflingly influential connections.

Ridley and Tony Scott have reportedly assumed control of the reboot, co-producing for writer-director Joe Carnahan in anticipation of a summer 2010 opening. That's a full year behind the schedule Fox initially drew up for John Singleton, who inherited and soon putzed the project away within a few months last spring. And while you can't keep a good rehash down in Hollywood, the usual loss of quality with every creative generation hinted at more of a Joel Schumacher plan D than this kind of action pedigree. Fox is serious!

And, per Variety, so is Ridley Scott: "Tony and I feel that marrying this Scott Free project with Joe's sensibility will result in a fast-paced, exciting franchise, one we hope will be around for years to come," the director told the trade. Yes — "years to come," likely building on the postmodern Dark Knight template making the world safe for brooding, mercenary war vets and the retrofitted vans carting them from assignment to assignment. With a lot of work and a little luck, Oscar will be snubbing this American institution, too, by 2013.