It's not that we didn't expect—nay, welcome—all manner of oddness from Mickey Rourke during his comeback, whether that means smooching Bai Ling or dating his on-screen daughter. However, this ongoing Wrestlemania thing has us concerned.

Rourke and WWE Chris Jericho were on Larry King Live last night to discuss their burgeoning feud, which one expects will be settled during Rourke's confirmed appearance at Wrestlemania 25 in April. Though Jericho was clearly into it, Rourke seemed withdrawn—perhaps realizing that the Academy likes to hand out awards that they think will encourage legitimate work, not paid faux-sports appearances on cable that Rourke could probably even have secured pre-comeback.

Now that Rourke's closest rival, Sean Penn, has picked up a SAG award, the momentum from Rourke's Golden Globe win has abated, putting the two in a dead heat. Do whatever you need to after that ceremony, Mickey—just think twice about continuing to promote the WWE while you're on your "serious actor" press tour (unless you'd like to power-slam Chris Jericho under the regretful stage name "Norbit").