Yesterday we asked you to tell us the asinine things that companies are doing in the name of cost-cutting. Today, the first worthy entrants: every expense is non-essential, you know:

All that Harry Potter money has run out:

Earlier this fall, Scholastic took the coffee pots and instant coffee out of the kitchen on every single floor. (In fairness, they did keep it on one floor...but only one floor that the whole company had to share.)

From a trashy commenter:

I don't usually post, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share that my company has eliminated trashcan liners in individual offices. All food waste must be disposed of in a "centralized location" i.e. the break room. Your office trashcan is emptied but the liner (read: trash bag) is not replaced.

And certainly the finest entrant so far:

This is second-hand but a riot: a friend who works at Fox tv in LA had to cough up $23 to pay for new business cards.

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