So the mystery $25 million document at the center of the John Travolta extortion case was a waiver, relieving emergency services from any liability had Travolta opted to airlift his son to a Florida hospital.

From E Online:

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames tells the Bahamas' Nassau Guardian that a document believed to be at the center of the case is a "refusal to transport" form, which is signed by a party "when refusing, for example, emergency medical services from trained personnel" in cases of minor injury and releases the paramedics from liability.

TMZ reports that "sources connected with the investigation tell us John Travolta told EMT workers he wanted to fly his son to Florida rather than drive by ambulance to the hospital....which was 45 minutes away."

Meanwhile, the cadre of baddies behind the plot—Mama Fratelli ringleader Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater and Sloth-like paramedic Tarino Lightbourne (former tourism minister Obie Wilchcombe has been cleared, but still seems slimy)—faced a judge today and were released on bail.