1. Whose voice has gotten deeper in this reunion clip: Mayim Bialik's or Joey Lawrence's?

2. Who has gotten more grooming-obsessed: Mayim Bialik or Joey Lawrence?

3. Where is other sibling Anthony? Is he on the far side of the soundstage, droning on interminably about his sobriety to a CBS.com intern?

4. No shout-outs to David "Hey Dude" Lascher?

5. Why, after getting a doctorate in freakin' neuroscience, would Bialik decide, "Lemme go into acting again!"

6. What was up with that episode of Blossom where Joey's hot boss at the video store will promote him if he sleeps with her, and he turns her down and learns a Very Important Lesson? Wasn't he, like, a total horndog? What exactly was the problem? That never sat well with us.