Typically, we scoff at the "pop-up fact" reruns that play before new episodes of Lost. However, last night's repeat may have helped us figure out just about the only mystery left unsolved in "Jughead."

That new episode was crammed full of solution-y backstory, as we got history on both the twitchy Faraday (Jeremy Davies) and Charles Widmore's history on the island. Still, one tantalizing strand was left without a bow tied on it: the identity of the above Ellie, a young British girl who Faraday seemed to recognize. At first, Ellie would seem to satisfy two niches already well-plugged on Lost island: she's yet another pinched blonde, as well as the show's umpteenth Brit. But then we remembered a totally random factoid from the pop-up recap: Ms. Hawking (Fionnula Flanagan), the cowl-clad time traveler who the show is heavily implying to be Faraday's mother, has the first name "Eloise." Might Faraday, then, be meeting his mother fifty years prior? Just make sure she doesn't get a look at your Calvin Kleins, my friend—that never goes well. [ABC]