We'd say we love Anne Hathaway's naughty side, except the more we think about it, it's increasingly clear that may be her only side.

After the FBI got the nude pictures in the Follieri split, the Web debated her taste (or distaste) for anal sex and even Jimmy Kimmel's fire extinguisher got her all hormonally atwitter, it probably shouldn't have surprised us when Hathaway made trouble for her fellow nominees at Newsweek's annual Oscar roundtable. Yet her oneupsmanship with Frank Langella still came as something of a shock, if only because she had hardly sat down before falling into filthy default mode:

LANGELLA: Would you like to hear my most favorite line I have said onstage, after 75 plays?


LANGELLA: "Suck my dick." I said it to Christine Baranski every night for four months, and I couldn't wait to say it. It was such a great line to say. [...]

HATHAWAY: I was thinking of a moment that involved a dick. It was Julie Christie in Shampoo, when she's having that conversation with a guy, and she's like, I'll give you anything you want. And she's so deliciously drunk, and she goes, "And I want to suck his cock." It's the greatest line reading. And Warren Beatty does this fantastic spit take. Frank, I have a really lame question. Is there anything that you remember thinking, I wish I knew this when I started acting?

A subject change! So unfair, especially, when Langella was probably just about to casually reply with regrets he had waited so long to get into kid vaccination and housebuilding. He's suave like that.