Is Michael Cera floating an Arrested Development trial balloon? The actor is still refusing to commit to the big-screen version of his canceled series, but one of his costars claims to have the inside scoop.

Here's what Bluth patriarch Jeffrey Tambor said about the matter, as related to the NYDN:

Michael Cera will do the highly debated “Arrested Development” movie, according to his on-screen granddad, Jeffrey Tambor.

“If I have to call him up and say, ‘Get on set right now, young man,’ he’ll be there,” the comic said at a recent Upright Citizens Brigade L.A. performance of “Word Girl.” “The movie is going to happen this year, and Michael Cera is on board. Trust me.”

We're not going to believe it until we hear it from Cera's mouth, but it's still encouraging that at least one cast member has vowed to grab him by the hoodie and drag him onto set if need be. They aren't just handing out big-budget superhero movies to skinny Apatow players anymore, Cera—take the four-week gig for peanuts, assuage your fanbase, and then move on to the next installment of your unofficial film series: Stammering Guitarist Finds Awkward Young Love.