Matt Lauer is supposed to interview Barack Obama for the Superbowl pre-game show any minute now. He could use a good chat following his terrible week of endless dissing.

First hero pilot Chesley Sullenberg dumped the NBC Today show host for Katie Couric, breaking his word. Then the president's first White House interview, which Lauer trumpeted as his exclusive, went to Al Arabiya.

Then Jon Stewart told America about the Arab news network's "get" on the Daily Show, where he also made fun of Lauer's failed booking (see attached clip).

It won't be hard for Lauer to top that sort of week. Heck, at this point he'll probably be thrilled if Obama manages to get his name right, instead of constantly calling him "Tim" like last time.

UPDATE: There were some audio glitches, but otherwise things went smoothly. Obama is in the tank for the Steelers.