Do not get it twisted, people: Kanye West's "personal barber and image consultant" Ibn Jasper will not hesitate to shoot you directly in the head with Glock 9. Now that he's back from Fashion Week.

Jasper (pictured at far left, with Kanye and Karl Lagerfeld and the crew) got so mad about anonymous internet commenters calling him and his crew "gay" because of their colorful photos from Fashion Week that he struck back. On his blog! (Post title: "Watch What You Say To Me"):

People were saying that we dress "gay" and that we're "clowns" among other things. And for the record, aint NONE OF US "gay"or a "clown".

Okay, fine. And to illustrate his point he posts the following video, from the gun range.

We pop them thangs too, don't get it twisted....
I'm not on no tough sh!t, I just know how to defend myself. I learned how to shoot guns correctly in my highschool R.O.T.C. class.

He's also prepared to defend Karl Lagerfeld, if it comes to that. [via Animal NY]

Activity Day from ibn jasper on Vimeo.