One thing about The City—MTV's season-long music video about New York—is actually real! You know Jay, the pretty Australian singer that Whitney dates? He actually is a pretty Australian singer. Only his name isn't Jay.

So that's the only mysterious, made-up part. He's actually a former model who used to have the less TV-ready handle Brent Tuhtan (too-TAN?). He changed his name a while back to pursue his music career in the States. Now, the show is sort of advertising him as a scruffy rocker only, there hasn't been any mention of his model past. But they haven't really avoided the topic either. I mean, his best friend and roommate is a male model named Male Model.

So unlike the Keyser Söze-esque Erin Williams, Whitney's chimpmunkish best friend, whose identity was once a highly-guarded secret, Jay/Too-tan is basically who he appears to be. Kind of refreshing, actually. Thanks, internet!