What scrapes will those goofy Street View cars get into next? Google's roving panopticons ran over a baby deer and captured a guy toting a gun on the street. America, you are Google Maps!

Google has a squad of drivers who drive specially equipped cars down the streets of most cities in America. The ostensible purpose: Snapping streetside views to help Google Maps users find local businesses. But it's beginning to look like Larry and Sergey are secretly working on a real-time documentary of Americana to rival anything the Works Progress Administration funded in the 1930s.

Via the Smoking Gun, a Harley-Davidson lover shows off his purchase at a Rapid City, South Dakota gun store:

The scene after a Google Maps driver ran into a baby deer on a street called Five Points Road in upstate New York:

Google apologized for killing Bambi. So much for "don't be evil"!