It would've been soooo easy for a ridiculously wealthy liberal campaign donor to assassinate Barack Obama during the inaugural.

While the rest of America milled around jumbotrons set up around the National Mall, contributors who raised $300,000 or more for Obama's inauguration got VIP tickets to private meetings with America's Hope Tsar and his smiley sidekick Joe the Biden. And there was basically no security at those special meetings, the Washington Post reveals.

Three contributors who raised $300,000 or more for the inauguration said they were never asked to show identification to retrieve dozens of tickets, including VIP passes that allowed them and their guests to meet privately with Obama. One of the three said ticket checks were so lax that no one noticed when, after a breakfast for contributors, a friend whose name hadn't been submitted for a background check tagged along into a VIP room to take pictures with Vice President-elect Joseph Biden.

There are two levels to this story: one, that no one considers rich liberals to be a threat. And two, that the rich liberals were concerned not so much with the safety of our president than they were with the terrible idea of being infiltrated by commoners.

But after passing through a magnetometer outside the hotel, members of the group said they were directed to a public sidewalk and told to find their way across Ninth Street to buses waiting in a convention center parking lot. Along the way, they said they mingled with throngs of spectators streaming toward the Mall. The VIPs were not screened again or asked for identification, they said.

Suzi LeVine, a former Expedia executive, said volunteers lined her path to the buses. Even so, she said, "I was definitely thinking, 'Is there a way that people could be infiltrating this group?' "

We see a wonderful political thriller or possibly 24 plot involving a shadowy George Soros-like figure.