· A local news team breaks the shocking story of toys that speak the phrase, "Islam is the light." (Or possibly "grrbbllgrbblliite.") We suspect the furry, freedom-hating hand of Cookie bin Monster is behind this.

· So Eat Pray Love appears to be languishing in turnaround. We're not really sure what that portends for Warners' parody project, Drink, Play, F@#K, or, for that matter, our own proposed sequel—Puke, Broke, AIDS.
· "No, so honestly—whose Bat-voice sounded less stupid? Bale's or mine? C'mon. You know the answer—you just don't wanna insult your pal."
· Here's some video of Gwyneth Paltrow exposing her left breast seductively in Two Lovers. You know—this is where we start thinking we've been ruined forever by Spain...On the Road Again, because we instantly started craving paella at the first glimpse of nip.
· Dave Holmes presents the "Is this line from...The United States of Tara or the "Just Say No" Episode of Punky Brewster" Challenge! It's guaranteed to be the most fun you've had since our own Who Said It: John Cusack, Diablo Cody Or Bob Ross? trivia game.