Gee, that was quick. Mere hours after Google totally wigged out ZOMG, this guy from India is imploring us to buy his historic screen capture.

Hi there,

this is Amit [REDACTED] from India .

By now you must be knowing about the hack- Google is reporting every search result as being harmful "This site may harm your computer"

The problem seems to be fixed by now, anyways I captured a screenshot of google itself labeling and other google offshoot websites as potentially harmful to your computer.

Now this is serious- you can use this snap in presentations, seminars, label it as
"google killing itself" or god knows what- but I know its worth something.

If you want the snap, you will have it- but for a price

I wouldn’t have asked for bucks if I was as rich as you guys- I owe you all a lot- you have given me some of the greatest info. for free-Internet is GREAT but I have to buy my Dad a AED-automated external defibrillator, My dad had angioplasty(kind of heart operation) last month and he needs an AED

You know if people don’t get an AED help in 10 mins.(under some serious heart emergencies)- DEATH is for sure.

Perhaps one day I want to kick start an AED campaign myself in this part of the world-each one have one(I advise u to know about a AED- cardiac arrests can occur to normal persons too-when any undue force is exerted on the chest like sudden thrusts during football games on chest or anything of that sort-persons with known heart problems are at high risk.)

Btw I am studying medicine (MBBS) in India .


P.S Anyone of you concerned about my dad, he is recovering fine. Thanks.

Since I am soon gonna be a doc soon, if I can be of anyhelp to you all, let me know, and also if apart from this if anyof you can help me with any kind of job- both online and offline- like public speaking(I think i am great at it!), or may be talking on AED campaign, or may be planning backend operation here in India, or anything in world you think I can do for you let me know- I will charge you but just to gather funds for the AED and anything else that GOD might hit me with in future- I WANT TO BE EVER READY! Thankx for reading.

Wait a sec, this is scam right? Well, if not, here's the screenshot. You can send donations to Amit at his ymail address.