Shouty McFucking Idiot Keith Olbermann is in Tampa Bay for the Superbowl. The good news is that the roar of the crowd might drown out his voice. The bad news is it might not. On last night's show, something strange happened, he was inadvertently informative.

According to TV Newser who watched the broadcast, Olbermann said something about Tom Colicchio, the dreamy non-Indian host of Top Chef, participating in NBC's Superbowl coverage. This was a joke because what does Colicchio have to do with football? Nussin'!

What Olbermann didn't realize is that his entire life is a joke and that Tom Colicchio apparently is participating in coverage. The NBC release gives the facts but really, if you think about it, doesn't explain much:

TOP CHEF: Tom Colicchio from Bravo's Top Chef, will join Tiki Barber and Jerome Bettis in judging a "Cook-Off" between previous "Top Chef" contestants exploring the cuisines of Arizona and Pittsburgh.

Earlier this week I made the mistake of saying goetta is the only Pittsburgh specialty. In fact goetta is from Cincinnati. They eat Pancakes in Pittsburgh. Arizona still only has Arby's. None of this really explains though how Tiki Barber, who was born in Roanoke and now lives in New York City, is qualified except, maybe, that he runs fast.