Did you know that twins, though they may provide extra mouths to feed in a down economy, can gain a mother entrance into an "exclusive society" of travel and glamorous TV work? It's true!

Or at least it is according to Page Six Magazine, which doesn't have many of statistics in its twins story, "New York's Diaper Rush," but does have a lot of quotes from obnoxious, status-obsessed Gotham mommies.

Some of them will stop at no number of $25,000 in-vitro fertilizations rounds to get pregnant with twins. Because:

  • Attention. Says Risa, a 35-year-old Upper East Side mom who said she had her twins naturally: "If I am ever depressed, I put my boys in the stroller and take a walk down the street and people just go nuts."
  • You can turn them into revenue-generating TV stars. Risa, whose sons were cast in the soap opera Guiding Light: ""Because of the labor laws, children can only work a certain number of hours, so identical twins are in such high demand."
  • It means you're rich. Brinton Taylor Parson, counselor at a prep school for prep schools: "There is an inordinate number of moms in Manhattan who view their children as an accessory."
  • They can stop being mommies sooner. Said "a Gramercy Park mom:" "While my friends are bracing themselves for baby number two and all the sleep deprivation and chaos that comes with it, we are planning a family trip to Hawaii."

On the downside, having twins makes it even harder to get your kid into that elite prep school you have heart set on, because the school feels like it has to take both twins or neither. ("Who is going to let me take up two spots?" asks Upper East Sider "Caroline.")

But you can always complain about that and the regular meetings of twin moms "who only want to hang out with other twin moms." Twin rates are skyrocketing, so it's a very powerful and growing cabal to belong to.