The ladies of The View will be bringing their lively political debate and unparalleled sling-mounting techniques to our area in March, taping a week of shows from the Disney lot in Burbank.

Until then, however, we'll just have to continue admiring them from afar. On today's show, the subject of that much-circulated image of Michael Phelps diving into a bong came up, prompting Whoopi Goldberg to admit, "I have smoked weed." It was an admission the audience wasn't quite sure what to do with at first, eliciting a nebulous sound half-way between a wheeze and a yawn; then the High Times subscribers among them finally shook out of their stupor to applaud the co-host's candor. Joy was instantly on board with a sardonic, "Shocking." But keep an eye on Sherri's reaction, who remains locked in a disapproving death-stare that all but reads, "Well that's the last time I dump my kids off at your house to go on a date with Jeremy Piven." [The View]