In yesterday's Page Six Magazine we met the evil women who buy themselves twin babies, for attention. Turns out these ladies weren't happy with how they were portrayed! And neither was the story's author!

At a Yahoo parenting group for Manhattan mothers, Natalie Diaz—head of the Manhattan Twins Club!—posted an angry message regarding the story, featuring, amusingly, a sad note from Wendy Straker Hauser, the story's author, claiming her piece was butchered by terrible Post editors looking to make entitled New York mothers look bad.

Ok Ladies, not sure how many of you saw the article in the Page Six section of the Post this weekend, but a while back I posted that there was a writer looking to gather info. A few of you were quoted in there, or should I say, misquoted!

Long story short, the article was HORRIBLE. It was basically saying that moms are choosing IVF so they can have twins for the "status symbol" factor.

I received this email this morning:

"I am sure you saw the article today. I cannot apologize enough. The story I wrote and handed in was nothing like this. The tone was different as was the overall focus. In addition certain quotes were edited to seem more harsh and others were taken out of context (Risa's quote at the end is an example of this). As a NY mom who is truly in awe of moms of twins I am mortified. Is there anyway that you could post this on your website for me? I just wanted to personally apologize. Of course I am sorry to you as well. Again, it was never my intention to make this a snarky bitchy story bashing other moms. Wendy"

This was my reply: "Well, to say the least, I was shocked. To say that having twins is a status symbol, is saying that pre-term labor, almost dying during childbirth, dealing with premature children, then trying to deal with two crying, two sick, and all the rest of the wonders that comes with the territory, is in the height of fashion! I sincerely think your newspaper needs to retract the whole story. I think this should happen fast. I know this was not your fault, but you should know who to send this too, right. Feel free to send me their number.

So ladies, I ask for your help today. And for our out of state members, this applies to you just the same (CT, NC and CO, feel free to forward this to your folks). If you have a second today, send an email to: Amy Levin-Epstein at alevinepstein@... She is the editor of the post. Let her know that this article was embarrassing as a mother of twins! Please cc me on the email, since I am going to compile them and send them by mail as well.

Hahaha all journalists are sociopathic leeches who exploit the lives and words of their subjects. And then they blame editors. Also all Manhattan mothers of twins are terrible, we read it in a newspaper.