Hitler bombed London for two months straight and the Brits stiff-upper-lipped themselves back to work, but a foot of snow has destroyed the morale of those once-proud people.

An Associated Press story printed the St. Paul Pioneer Press mocks Londoners from the headline on: "London, the city that survived the Blitz, crumbles under a little snow." Apparently they got about 4 inches overnight, which shut down the trains and buses, and four more inches in the afternoon that completely crippled the city.

Even a photo caption drips with scorn: "The eight inches of snow, referred to as a blizzard by Londoners, challenged those famous stiff (now frozen) upper lips."

For some reason, Winter is very political! Conservative London mayor Boris Johnson blames the snow on European regulation, and his rival, former mayor "Red" Ken Livingstone, blames it on the Tories. Of course, every time there is winter weather in the States, Matt Drudge helpfully updates us on what Al Gore is up to, because as we all know Mr. Gore claims that because of your SUV there will never be snow again.

Even Rachel Maddow got into the act, wondering why Republican House members voted against the stimulus plan, which would've helped people who got their power knocked out by a real blizzard. An American blizzard.

Snow! It's a handy symbol of the death of rational political discourse based on the acceptance by all sides of the basic reality-based facts underlying the debate! And the English are all pussies!