"Basically he wasn't under the influence," the Coroner's Office told reporters today after releasing the Scott Ruffalo toxicology report findings . Still, "faint traces" of cocaine, alcohol and morphine were detected.

The question still remains, however: What happened? The brother of Mark Ruffalo, Scott was discovered unconscious in his apartment December 1, a bullet having penetrated the top of his head. Shaha Mishaal Adham, the "Saudi princess" at his apartment the night of the shooting, turned herself in to Beverly Hills PD on a warrant for attempted murder. She was released a week later, the same night Ruffalo died at Cedars. Her version of events was that the death was the result of a round of Russian Roulette, but the coroner dismissed that as inconsistent with their findings, and ruled it a homicide. We're not criminal justice experts or anything, but maybe they should bring the princess back in for some more questioning?