Gun—Not Small Amounts of Coke and Morphine—Was What Killed Scott Ruffalo

"Basically he wasn't under the influence," the Coroner's Office told reporters today after releasing the Scott Ruffalo toxicology report findings . Still, "faint traces" of cocaine, alcohol and morphine were detected.

The question still remains, however: What happened? The brother of Mark Ruffalo, Scott was discovered unconscious in his apartment December 1, a bullet having penetrated the top of his head. Shaha Mishaal Adham, the "Saudi princess" at his apartment the night of the shooting, turned herself in to Beverly Hills PD on a warrant for attempted murder. She was released a week later, the same night Ruffalo died at Cedars. Her version of events was that the death was the result of a round of Russian Roulette, but the coroner dismissed that as inconsistent with their findings, and ruled it a homicide. We're not criminal justice experts or anything, but maybe they should bring the princess back in for some more questioning?