· If you believe this YouTube demonstration, the way money is counted varies widely from country to country. Never insult a Turkish shopkeep by whipping out your bills in the crass American fashion again! [BitsandPieces.us]

· Did you notice any promotion for NBC's David and Goliath show, Kings, on the Super Bowl? No, you didnt. THR wonders if that has something to do with its quality.
· Here's the legendary Bill Hicks's Letterman set, introduced by his mom 16 years later, that we told you about on Friday. The most amazing thing? That the Billy Ray Cyrus bit is as topical as ever, even though Miley was just a twinkle in her father's pants at the time.
· The Summit/Lionsgate merger is not happening, from what we hear, and what Deadline Hollywood Daily hears, too.
· Jesse Metcalfe's fur-flecked manjugs distract you momentarily from the world's stupidest fucking tattoo.
· We dare you to reach in there and grab some melon tonsils.