Journalists tend to be liberals because they tend to be educated but not wealthy, and haughty smartasses. So it's no surprise ex-journalists are pouring into Obama administration jobs. Why can't they just admit their fandom?

It'll be a happy day when some reporter gets a job for a liberal politician and comes right out and says "Finally! All that 'fairness' shit was getting to me. Republicans are fucking morons." The high-profile journalists to join the new administration so far include Dr. Sanjay Gupta ("journalist," ahem, sort of) and former Time Washington chief Jay Carney, who's Joe Biden's new spokesman. And who can still barely bring himself to admit he's a Democrat:

“This is a Democratic administration; we’re obviously on that side of the aisle, but I don’t see this as a partisan job at all,” Mr. Carney said in an interview.

He acknowledged having “an affinity for Joe Biden and Barack Obama.” But he said it never influenced his coverage of the presidential campaign, as evidenced, he said, by the angry notes he often received from liberals last year concerning his coverage.

Jesus Christ Carney you're the spokesman for the Democratic VP. It is a partisan fucking job. Be proud of what you believe, for once! Douglas Frantz, former managing editor of the LA Times and investigative reporter, is now an investigator for John Kerry and the Foreign Relations Committee. "Pursuing the truth is apolitical," he says.

Sure it is, but figuring out which version of "the truth" wins is what politics is all about. Amazing how all these political reporters find that politics cease to exist once they get administration jobs! Dudes, the fact that you have opinions does not invalidate everything you ever did as a journalist. This angle of attack is tedious. Maybe, like David Brooks says, they're all secretly trying to get in there and make life hard for the really rich people, out of jealousy over the fact that even fancy reporters and government officials don't make enough to hire more than one live-in maid. Or maybe all these guys who have been 'framing' the political debate for the whole country for years and years really don't know what politics is all about.

Or, most likely, they're still scared of the "media liberal" tag, that was once a solid debate-ender. Well it's a new day, people. Everything is different now. You reporters are the lucky ones! You have jobs. You can revel in your liberalness. You're not some conservative hack like Rich Lowry or Tony Snow or Bill Kristol.

Be proud of who you are. [Pic via]