Apparently, Vivica A. Fox's crystal ball began flashing alarms after her Psychic Friends infomercial leaked, because the actress is now trying to extricate herself from the hotline in the most hilarious way possible, MMM-HMM.

Despite the fact that she clearly sat in a studio, read lines (in her own inimitable way), and posed for pictures to promote the Psychic Friends Network in an infomercial, Fox is now announcing that she never did any of those things. Well, all right then! Black Voices Buzz received the actress's official response:

In a statement that the star of 'Two Can Play That Game' and 'Soul Food' sent via e-mail late Monday night, she declared: "Vivica A. Fox is no friend of The Psychic Friends Network."

Fox is alleging that the footage circulating online "is using her unauthorized likeness, footage, voice and photographs as an endorsement of their service."

Additionally, the actress is demanding that The Psychic Friends Network "cease and desist immediately" with use of the video and images.

Details about why the video was shot or how the images were obtained by The Psychic Friends Network were not explained.

We eagerly await Fox's labored explanation that the footage was taped as part of a video audition for an upcoming spin on the juggsy psychic format so perfected by Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Love Hewitt. How dare Psychic Friends intuit that she would create such a tape, then use it for their own sinister, late-night-cable purposes!