It's not often that an actor's diva tirade is so seismically preposterous as to inspire an outpouring of sheer joy and responsive creativity from a deeply appreciative public. But that's precisely what Christian Bale's has done.

Here's a roundup of the latest Tantrum of the Century-related materials:

· Buried in a press day montage featuring Terminator Salvation's cast hyperventilating about the post-apocalyptic awesomeness to come, director McG makes an interesting observation about someone who happens to stroll through the shot. Hmm. Sensitive much? (We've isolated the moment in question above.) [MSN]
· Wow—this rivals the Remix for the greatest product to yet emerge from the cottage industry sprouting up around the tantrum: The Christian Bale Soundboard. Amazingly executed. We can't stop pressing "OOOOH GOOOD FOR YOU." []
· Another dance remix provides a Flip-Hop take. While the original is still the definitive get-down version, this one offers a great transformation of Bale's "duh duh duh duh" mocking sound into a danceable beat. [YouTube]